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Prof. Dr. Markus Bläser


You can inspect the grading of the re-exams on Wednesday, April 26, 2:15pm, in Room 415, E1.3.

A solution for the final exam is now available here.


We will follow the book by Katz & Lindell, Introduction to Modern Cryptography, CRC Press. It is highly recommended that you own this book, since we might occasionally skip proofs and you will be asked to read them on your own. Moreover reading the relevant section before and/or after the lecture deepens your understanding.

Time & Date




Information for the endterm:

Your grade will be the grade of the exam at the end of the semester (either endterm or re-exam). There will be a midterm in December. Participation is voluntary. Points achieved in the midterm are bonus points in the endterm and/or re-exam and hence can help to improve your grade.

The grading scheme is as follows (including the bonus points from the midterm):
> 56: 1
> 54: 1.3
> 52: 1.7
> 50: 2
> 48: 2.3
> 45: 2.7
> 41: 3
> 38: 3.3
> 34: 3.7
> 28: 4
< 29: 5


Exercise Groups

There will be weekly tutorials starting in the week Nov. 7 to Nov. 11. Registration for the tutorials is possible from Oct. 31 to Nov. 3 on this web page. There will be different time slots available.

Assignments will be handed out every Wednesday and are due one week later. We will collect them in the lecture hall before the lecture starts.

To be admitted to the exams, you need at least 50% of the points in the assignments. You can submit the assignments in groups of up to three people. However, everybody should have understood each solution and should be able to present them in the tutorial.

Groupnr Time Place Bremser Email
1 Mo 16-18 E1.3, SR 014 Cornelius Brand cbrand@mmci...
2 Tue 14-16 E1.3 SR 107 Istvan Seres seresistvanandras@gmail...
3 Thu 10-12 E1.3 SR 014 Istvan Seres seresistvanandras@gmail...
4 Thu 14-16 E1.3 SR107 Thomas Haslbauer s9thhasl@stud...






We will mainly follow the book by Katz & Lindell. The book by Stirzaker is a very good introduction to elementary probability theory.