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Introduction to the Asian board game GO

Prof. Dr. Markus Bläser

Pascal Müller


Paper certificates are ready! There are paper certificates only for students that did not register in lsf/hispos. You can pick them up in room 430 in E1.3 (Sandra Neumann) between 9am and 2pm.

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The Asian Board Game Go is the new frontier of AI programming, see for instance here. Unlike Chess, the previous frontier, Go is rather unknown in Europe. In this course you will learn the rules of the game Go and the important strategic principles. If you are already familiar with the game, feel free to attend the lecture and just play.

(This course is just about learning to *play* Go , but neither about artificial intelligence nor about how to program a Go engine.)

Pascal Müller is one of the Top 50 players in Germany. While this is completely of no relevance if you are a beginner, it is still good to know.

Time & Date

Due to the huge number of participants, the course will be split. It will take place from

The assignment of the participants to the slots is announced below. Please contact Markus Bläser if you do not find yourself.

On Thursday Apr 28, we start with a recap of the rules in E1.3 lecture hall 003 (!) at 16:15/18:00.



You get 3 free credit points if you regularly attend. There will be a list on which you have to sign at each class. To get the credits, you should attend at least 9 classes. We tacitely assume that everybody attended the first class. If you just want to learn the game, drop by whenever it is convenient for you.


Exercise Groups

Your Exercise Group.
Groupnr Time Place Bremser Email
1 Thu 16-18 E1.3 room 014/015 Markus Bläser/Pascal Müller ---
2 Thu 18-20 E1.3 room 014/015/016 Markus Bläser/Pascal Müller ---


Here are the problems from the lectures, you need cgoban to view them.